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Pengertian, Rumus dan Contoh Kalimat Presents Continuous Tense

Sebelumnya kita sudah memposting tentang Simple present tense.
Sekarang kita akan membahas tentang 
Presents Continuous Tense

Presents Continuous Tense

Pengertian Presents Continuous Tense

Present continuous tense di pakai untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang
sedang terjadi atau sedang berlangsung saat kita sedang bicara

Contohnya :
  • Sister is cooking in the kitchen
  • The boys are playing in the garden
  • My father is painting the house

Rumus Present Continuous Tense

Kalimat Positif (+) :
subject + to be (am, is, are) + Verb – ing + object

Kalimat Negatif (-):
subject + to be + not + verb – ing + object

Kalimat Tanya atau interrogative (?) :
to be + subject + verb – ing + object ?

Untuk lebih jelasnya akan di bahas di bawah ini !

Present continuous tense di pakai untuk menunjukkan suatu kejadian atau peristiwa yang

Contohnya :
  • My father is working in a bank
  • Brother can’t come because he is working in the office
  • Ferry is always busy because he is working on his thesis
  • I am living with my uncle until I can find a home

Present continuous tense di pakai untuk menunjukkan suatu keadaan atau situasi yang

Contohnya :
  • My brother condition is getting better
  • The population of medan rissing very better
  • Indonesian economic situation is already very bad and it is getting worse

Present continuous tense dipakai untuk menunjukkan sesuatu yang akan di lakukan
di waktuyang akan datang dan telah direncanakan atau ditentukan sebelumnya.

Contohnya :
  • My brother is taking Arabic lesson  in second semester
  • We are holidaying in malaysia next month
  • Ferry is spending his vacation in sabang next month
  • My Mother is having a meeting with his staff tomorrow morning

Ada beberapa kata kerja tidak di pakai dalam present continuous tense.
Salah besar bila kita mengatakan “ I am loving you very much” ,  tapi yang brnar adalah “ I love you very much”.

Beberapa kata kerja yang  tidak dipakai dalam present continuous tense adalah :

Contohnya :
love       need                 see        hate        prefer
forget    understand       seem     belong    believe
know     remeber           hear       want       realize      

I am knowing her well                                      (salah)
I know her well                                                 (benar)
I am wanting to buy a smart phone                 (salah)
I want to buy a smart phone                            (benar)
I am understanding what you are meaning     (salah)
I am understand what you mean                     (benar)

Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement)
Kalimat tanya (interrogative statement) dibentuk dengan menempatkan to be (is, am atau are) di depan suatu kalimat. Dalam kalimat tanya to be “am , is atau are” artinya “apakah”.

Contohnya :
  • Is your sister is working in a bank ?
  • Are you talking arabic language ?
  • Is your brother still working in bank ?
  • Are the student sleeping in the class 
  • Is your mother serving the breakfast ?

Kalimat menyangkal (Negative statement)
Kalimat menyangkal (Negative statement) dibentuk dengan menambahkan “ not” setelah to be
( am not, is not/isn’t, are not/aren’t 
) dan di tempatkan setelah subjek kalimat.

Contohnya :
  • Ferry is not/isn’t doing his homework
  • The student are not/aren’t sleeping in the classroom
  •  I’m not/am not studying English in the classroom
  •  You are not/aren’t speaking English well
Sekian bahasan kita tentang Presents Continuous Tense dari Kami 
Semoga bisa bermanfaat..... :D

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